How to backup/dump retail game cartridge with gateway 3ds

How to backup/dump retail game cartridge with gateway 3ds

If you’re looking for a better way to carry your DS/3DS games around with you,  I’d definitely recommend this gateway 3ds flashcard it allows you to backup/dump the 3ds roms from the retail game cartridge, so you don’t have to carry around your 100 cartridges. And this Step-by-Step Guide is intended to help you learn about the gateway 3ds card and how  to backup/dump retail game cartridge with gateway 3ds.

Things You Will Need:

  • Gateway 3DS Blue Card
  • A Real 3DS Game Card (Pokemon Y)
  • MicroSD Card
  • Nintendo 3DS
  • SD Card

Step 1.First of all,  format the microsd card and the SD card which come with the Nitnedo 3DS, dont forget to back up all the contents if you have something important on the Micro SD/SD card.

Step 2.Download the latest gateway 3ds blue card kernel from here. Unzip the compressed file as below,  “GW_OMEGA_2.2_RELEASE” → “Blue Card (R4i)” → Five files (__rpg/_DSMENU.DAT/changelog.txt/GW_INSTALLER.NDS/readme.txt)

Step 3. Copy all the contents you see (__rpg/_DSMENU.DAT/changelog.txt/GW_INSTALLER.NDS/readme.txt) onto the root of the microsd Card.And insert the microsd card to the blue gateway 3ds card.

Step 4. Insert the Gateway 3ds blue card to the Nintendo 3DS console

Step 5. Turn on the 3DS, and click the “Deep Labyrinth Atlus USA” icon as below:

Step 6. Click the GW icon as below

Step 7.  Press A to continue

Step 8. Select console region and continue

Step 9. After done, return to the home menu

Step 10. Copy Launcher.dat from “GW_OMEGA_2.1_RELEASE” (please refer to step 2) folder to the root of the SD card from the 3DS. After downloaded, insert it into your 3DS

Step 11. Go to Setting-> other setting -> profile-> Nintendo DS profile to boot into gateway 3ds mode.

Step 12. Find the Back Up 3DS Game Cartridge as below

Step 13. Insert the real game card (pokemon Y) into the 3ds game slot:

Step 14. It will detect the game file

Step 15. Press START button to dump the game

Step 16. After done, eject the SD card from your 3DS, and connect it with PC. And you will see the game as below

gateway 3ds backup


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