How to Update 2013 R4i SDHC Dual Core Card for 3DS 6.1.0-X?

How to Update 2013 R4i SDHC Dual Core Card for 3DS 6.1.0-X?

R4i SDHC development team announced that the 2013 R4i SDHC Dual Core updating patch for 3DS 6.1.0-X is officially available today and 2013 Dual Core card users please download fwUpdate_V6.00 firmware from here. Meanwhile, the newest Dual Core Wood Kernel V1.60 has been released, a lot of new games such as The Croods Prehistoric Party, Zhu Zhu Babies, Hidden Mysteries Salem Secrets, FIFA 11, Pokemon Black Version 2 (U), Pokemon White Version 2 (U, Bratz Fashion Boutique (U) etc have been updated. Below are the details about how to update the 2013 R4i SDHC Dual Core Card for 3DS 6.1.0-X.
Things You’ll Need:
1. DS Lite Console
2. 2013 R4i SDHC Dual Core Card
3. MicroSD Card and Card Reader/Adaptor
4. Computor

Step 1.
1. Download Dual Core Wood 1.60 kernel from here and download the update patch for 3DS 6.1.0-X from here, and you’ll see two compressed filesĀ  asĀ  below:

2. Unzip the kernel folder and update pathc with WinRAR or another decompression program. Extract the folder to your desktop. You’ll get:

3. Put their contents on the root of your MicroSD Card, make sure you copy all the contents not the two folders, and put all the files directly onto your MicroSD card. You’ll have all these files in your SD card as the screenshot below:
You can create a games folder to save game files.

4. Eject the MicroSD card from Computer and insert it into your dual core card, insert both of them into your DS Lite console

5. Find the “MicroSD” icon and Press “A” as below:

6. Find a “Console” icon and Press “A”

7. It will be prompted with a upgrade message:

8. Follow the guide on the up-screen and press “A” button:

9. After the update is fully done, turn off your DS Lite console and remove the dual core card. Now you can update your 3DS to 6.1 and start playing games with your 2013 R4i SDHC Dual Core Card

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