How to update 3ds mt-card to hardware v1.3

How to update 3ds mt-card to hardware v1.3

The step-by-step guide is intended to help you learn about the 3ds mt-card and how to update 3ds mt-card to hardware latest version 1.3. MT-card is the world’s first 3ds flashcart that has the ability to play multiple 3ds roms on a sigle microsd card. And the team behind mt card constantly working on and updating mt card, currently, it allows you to play the newest pokemon x/y and animal crossing, as well as many eShop games. Go Here to buy a MT-card for your 3DS/3DS XL.

Things You Will Need:
MT-Card 3DS Flashcard
USB cable

Step 1. Download latest mt-card hardware ver1.3 and software ver1.2 from our firmware download page or from here directly. After done, open the mt-card zip file in a program such as Winrar or 7zip as below:

Step 2. Open the “MT_Card_Updater_1.3” folder, you will see  the “MT_Card_Updater v1.3.exe” file as shown below

Step 3. Connect the MT-card 3ds flash card (yellow card) with your computer

Step 4. Plug the USB cable into your computer USB port

Step 5. Double click “MT_Card_Updater v1.3.exe” to run it. Important notice: please make sure the MT card is well connected to the computer while updating, don’t disconnect, or your MT card may be damaged if you disconnect.

Step 6. Click “Upate”, then it’ll ask you if you’d like to update your mt card firmware v1.2 to v1.3

Step 7. Click the left button to continue

Step 8. Once that is completed, click the button to cofirm. Done.

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