How To Upgrade Supercard Dstwo To Work With 3DS 6.2?

How To Upgrade Supercard Dstwo To Work With 3DS 6.2?

SuperCard DSTwo is so far the ONLY cart that has not needed a new hardware model in order to bypass a 3DS/3DS XL update. Users can update their card on a DS console (NDS\DS\DSLite\DSi\3DS) which can run the EOS system with an update patch rather easily. Below is the step by step guide on how to upgrade your dstwo card for 3ds 6.2.

Things You Will Need
SuperCard DStwo
-MicroSD Card and Card Reader/Adaptor
-DS console (NDS\DS\DSLite\DSi or 3DS/3DS XL lower than 6.2)

Step1. Download the dstwo firmware v1.23 support DSi 1.45 and 3DS 6.2.0-12x from here, and download the newest Supercard DStwo kernel from here, currently the newest dstwo kernel is EOSV1.11.

Step 2. Unzip the two compressed¬† files “Firmware_v1.23_eng” and “DSTWO_v1.11_2012_1224_eng

Step 3.  Copy all the contents from the two folders onto the root of your MicroSD Card.
A screenshot of what your MicroSD Card should look like after applying the correct files on the card:

Step 4. Find a DS console (NDS\DS\DSLite\DSi\3DS) which can run this EOS system, and insert the MicroSD card into your dstwo and put them into your DSi console:

Turn on the Power

Step 5. EOS will detect the upgrade file, press A to upgrade.

Step 6. After the update is fully done, turn off your DSi and remove the dstwo card.

Step 7. FinsishedNow you can update your 3DS to 6.2

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