How to view video/movies on r4i gold 3ds flashcard?

How to view video/movies on r4i gold 3ds flashcard?

If you are new to the 3ds flashcart, and just getting started with your first r4i gold 3ds card and would like to learn more, then feel free to take a look here to see if this guide is useful for you.This guide is intended as a brief introduction to using r4i gold 3ds rts moonshell to view video/movies, you know r4i gold 3ds rts card has more than emulation, it also allows you to view video(avi, flv aso), listen to music, play backup games and it has many real time functions.

Things You Will Need:
-R4i Gold 3DS (Best place to buy in the US
-Nintendo 3DS or 2DS/DSI/DS console
-MicroSD card and card reader

Step 1. Download the latest wood kernel from our firmware download page, currently the latest wood kernel is version 1.64, which you can download it from here directly. Extract/unzip the “Wood_R4iGold_V1.64.rar” to your computer.

Step 2.Access the “Wood_R4iGold_V1.64” folder, copy and paste these 2 files (“__rpg” and “_DS_MENU.DAT”)to the root of your microSD memory card.

Step 3. You will need an application named Moonsheel, download the “r4ids Moonshell2.0 ENG.rar” from here. Unzip the file and access “r4ids Moonshell2.0 ENG” folder, copy all the contents to the root of your MicroSD card, and copy the movie files directly to your microsd card too. And your microsd card will look like this:

Step 4. Put micro sd card into the R4i Gold 3DS card

Step 5. Plug the R4i Gold 3DS card to your Nintendo and power on the console

Step 6. Click the icon

Step 7. Highlight MicroSD card and press “A”

Step 8. Highlight the Moonshell 2 and press “A”

Step 9. Find the movie file and play

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