Where to buy gateway 3ds omega 2.2 in the US?

Where to buy gateway 3ds omega 2.2 in the US?

Gateway 3ds flashcard is one of the best 3ds game flashcards. These flashcards enhance the functioning of the Nintendo 3ds/3ds xl with its very useful features. The gateway 3ds card is a necessity more than just an accessory as it helps the gamer to play 3ds rom backups and homebrew games from a microSD card.And this step by step guide describes how to play homebrew games by using gateway 3ds flashcard.
Two days ago, gateway official team released the newest omega 2.2 firmware, and users now can play online with friends and homebrew games. Get your hands on the gateway 3ds flashcard by checking the US based reseller here.

Things You Will Need:
– Nintendo 3ds/3ds xl console (requires 4.1-4.5 firmware)
– Gateway 3ds flashcart
– 2×MicroSD cards
– SD card and MicroSD card reader
– SD Card
– PC

Step 1. Connect the 4GB MicroSD card with your PC and format it, but dont forget to backup the important files on the microSD card at first.
Download the latest gateway OMEGA 2.2 beta from here

Step 2. After done, unzip the OMEGA 2.2 firmware file as below:

Step 3. Access the “GW_OMEGA_2.2_RELEASE” folder:
Step 4. Double click the “Blue Card (R4i)” folder, copy all the contents inside the folder “Blue Card (R4i)” into the root of the 4GB MicroSD card.

  1. __rpg
  3. changelog.txt
  5. readme.txt

Step 5. Safely eject the 4GB MicroSD card from computer and insert it into the gateway 3ds blue card

Step 6. Insert the gateway blue card into the top game cartridge slot of the 3DS/3DS XL, and turn on the console.

Step 7. And you will see the “Deep Labyrinth Atlus USA” icon pop up on the top screen as below:

Step 8. Click the icon and you will see:

Step 9. Highlight MicroSD and press [A]

Step 10. Highlight “GATEWAY INSTALLER” and press [A] and press [A] again to continue

Select EUR/USA/JAP/KOR and Press [A]

Step 11. After done, press [Home] button to return to the main menu, remove the blue gateway 3ds flashcart from your 3ds, but do not power off your 3ds.

Step 12. Format the SD card. Copy Launcher.dat from “GW_OMEGA_2.1_RELEASE” folder to the root of the SD card from the 3DS. After downloaded, insert it into your 3DS

Step 13. Yeah, no game card icon, and go to Setting-> other setting -> profile-> Nintendo DS profile to boot into gateway 3ds mode.

gateway 3ds blue card and r4i gold 3ds

Step 14 After done, you will see the gateway new icon as below, if you have not updated your gateway 3ds flashcart, you will need to click the icon and update your gateway card.

Step 15. Drag and drop the homebrew 3ds games onto the 16GB MicroSD card and insert it into the gateway 3ds red card.

and plug the gateway 3ds flashcart into the 3ds game slot

Step 16. Highlight the blank icon and press [select]

Step 17. You will see the games in top screen , select Pokemon X and Press [A] to start game.
Enjoy! :)



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