Beginner’s Tutorial: How to setup R4i sdhc Dual Core Card for 3DS XL/3DS/DSI/DS

Beginner’s Tutorial: How to setup R4i sdhc Dual Core Card for 3DS XL/3DS/DSI/DS

R4i SDHC Dual Core Card is an amazing product for those who want to play ds backups, watch movies and listen music. All the r4i sdhc dual core cards from TheGamerDepot will be the advanced 2014 version, and will be pre-flashed to work with the latest 3DS 7.1.0-15, DSi 1.45 out of the box. This guide explains the setup of the R4i sdhc dual core card for beginners.
Things You Will Need:
1. R4i SDHC Dual Core Card
2. MicroSD card and card reader/adaptor
3. PC
4. Nintendo 3DS/3DS XL/DSI/DS console

Step 1. Insert the MicroSD card into the Card Reader or Adaptor, and plug the Card Reader into the your PC USB port. When you insert the card reader, you will see notifications about this in the bottom right corner of the desktop. Perform a “Quick Format” to erase everything on the Micro SD card, but don’t forget to back up all the contents if you have something important on the MicroSD card.

Step 2. Download the latest r4i sdhc dual core kernel from the official website, currently, the latest kernel is version 3.2b, which you can download from here directly, the r4i sdhc official team do in fact keep updating their kernel and they put out kernel updates constantly, you can download the kernel from our firmware download section whenever there is a new update.

Step 3. A compressed file will will appear:

Step 4. Unpack the the files onto your computer, you are now seeing the folders :

Step 5. Copy the files from R4i-V3.2b English (including four files named moonmemo, moonshl2, R4iMenu and R4.dat) directly onto the root of your Micro SD card.  Also copy the NDS game files onto the root of your Micro SD card. (Here we use Transformers as example)
Step 6. Once that is ready, safely eject your MicroSD card from your PC and insert it to the R4i SDHC Dual Core Card

Step 7. And insert the r4i sdhc dual core card into the 3DS slot

Step 8. Power on your 3DS console, and click the r4i sdhc dual core icon

Step. 9 Enjoy 🙂



I have tryed a differant card I downloaded this kernel. I have unpacked the the files both to my computer and onto the Micro SD card. I have formated the card agein and the copied the files maualy from my computer to the Micro SD card. I have added all of the files in the “R4iMenu” folder directly to the root of the micro SD card. I still only get a white screen then i try to open the card. I reformatted to FAT 32 every time before trying something new. I still only get a white screen.

In the zip file i downloaded from the link aboveit Unpacks as 3 folders named “R4iMenu” , “moonmemo” , “moonshl2” , and R4 DAT file that is 594KB.

I have tryed just unpacking the zip as is to the Micro SD root, and i have taken all the files out of each folder and added them all directly to the root, and I have tried all the files from each folder + the R4 DAT file separately. all of the above still just gave me a white screen when i load the card in the 3DS.

I dont know if it helps but when the 3DS loads the card in the app menu it shows up as “Touch! Bomberman Land”

and then I try to open and it goes black for about a second then goes to the white screen.

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