By agreeing to these terms and conditions, you are agree to NOT use the product we supply for any illegal purposes, which include:


Playing commercial software you have not bought a license for (i.e. playing a copied retail game you have not purchased)


Playing movies/Mp3 files which you do not own


The DS flash cards we sell should ONLY be used for the following purposes:


NDS/GBA game development. You can develop your own games by using development tools.


Playing homebrewed NDS/GBA games. There are hundreds of applications and games you can download from the Internet for free. There are also applications and games that are commercially developed, which you have to pay for. We do not condone the use of our flashcards to download or otherwise access games and applications that otherwise should and must be paid for; if you do you are committing a crime and if caught, will be punished.


Playing MP3 songs or video clips that you paid for.


Disclaimer and Limitation of Liability

It is the purchaser's responsibility to ensure that any Dsflashcart.com merchandise ordered does not violate any custom, trade laws or barriers to entry that exist in the destination country. Any law, rule or regulation regarding the import of Dsflashcart.com merchandise to the buyer's country is the sole responsibility and liability of the buyer. ModChips are sold to only to allow users to play 1 backup copy of original or import software for which the original software license was purchased. Dsflashcart.com assumes no responsibility or accountability whereby any of its products are used for any unauthorized or illegal actions both criminally and/or in civil incidents. Dsflashcart.com does not condone piracy. It is up to the end user of this product to comply with any federal, provincial, state or local laws in any circumstance. DO NOT make illegal pirated copies of software. Users can only make 1 single backup copy of games for which they have purchased the original software license. If users lose or damage the original game, the backup copy must be destroyed.


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