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R4i Gold 3DS Deluxe Firmware 4.0B1 Released

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Today, official team updated the r4i gold 3ds deluxe edition card's firmware to the version 4.0B1, users will be able to play 3ds games higher than v4.5 on lower version system console. According to the official team, the Multi-ROM, EmuNand and Online Eshop features will be added in the upcoming firmware V4.0B2. TheGamerDepot team recommend buying a gateway 3ds flashcard instead mainly because it is currently the best 3ds game flashcard out there.

Quote from officia team
Deluxe Edition firmware 4.0B1 is released ! (2014-05-29)    
change log 
Games Update: 
1. V4.5+ Games 
2. MH4  

The coming firmware V4.0B2 will include the following:  
1. Multi-ROM  
2. EmuNand  
3. Online Eshop



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