Step-by-step Guide on How to Place an Order on TheGamerDepot

A detailed description of how to place an order on If you have any questions or need any further help, you can email us at We have many friendly, knowledgeable representatives ready to answer your questions.

Step 1. Create an Account. Enter the required information and click (submit) button.

Step 2. Find the Items You Want. When you find an item that interests you, click on the item to see its product detail page. And click the "Add this to my cart " button on the right-hand side of the product detail page to add the item to your Shopping Cart.

Step 3. By clicking on "Add this to my cart", you’ll be guided to a webpage where you can review all the items you’ve placed in your Shopping Cart. Click "Go to checkout"

Step 4. Confirm your shipping address. This step required to confirm your shipping address depends on how you’d like the order to be delivered to its destination. Afterwards, click "continue checkout"

Step 5. Click continue check out

Review and Submit Your Order

Step 6. Then complete your credit card details to place your order.


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