Which card for you

Depends on what features do you want, there are different cards for you.

Gateway 3DS:  world's first commercial 3DS flashcart released since the launch of the 3DS, it is also the best and most recommended 3ds flashcart out there. With this powerful cart, you will be able to enjoy all the n3ds games to date, and it has more than emulation, it supports Region-Free, Multi-Rom menu, homebrew booting, Retail game cartridge backup, Dev Menu with .cia install and more.Currently Gateway is working great on system version lower than v9.2 consoles.

Sky3DS:  Newest but the best 3ds game capable flashcart out there, it allows you to play almost all the 3ds games to date, and it is compatible with all the 3ds system version handheld, including the latest 9.5.0-22 J/E/U 3ds, 3ds xl and new 3ds.

R4i Gold 3ds:  Always recommmend this card if you want to find a card only to play ds games. r4i gold card is supported by wood official team, always update quickly to support the latest games. Always work on the latest 3ds and dsi latest firmware, Easy to use, we highly recommend this card all the time.

Supercard dstwo:  there is no doubt that this is the best flash cart,it has the most powerful features, such as real time save, real time menu, real time cheat, play gba games without slot 2 card. if you need those extra features, dstwo is your only choice. and dstwo is also the most expensive card for those features, another, if you use dstwo, it won't last longer time than other cards, because the high features need more battery to run, it is also a little complicated to use for kids. because you need to download and install some plug ins to use the estra features. dstwo is the best card, but maybe not the best for you.

R4i sdhc 3ds:  One of the most popular card for 3ds xl, 3ds, dsi and other ds consoles. Work on the latest 3ds and dsi consoles. Update regularly to support more games. Very easy to use and nice user menu.

Ace3ds Plus: The cheapest flash cart for your 3ds xl, 3ds, dsi. work great on the latest 3ds and dsi firmware, very easy to use. if you just want to buy a cheap flash cart to play ds games, ace3ds is good for you.

Acekard 2i:  Just a few months ago, this card was one of the best flash carts, but now we don't recommend this card any more, because this card has stopped updating for a long time. it is even can not work on the latest 3ds and dsi firmware for long time. if a card do not update, this card will die soon. hope the team behind this card will go on working for it, because there are still a lot of guys love this card.

Other cards:  sorry, we don't recommend other card, especially some clone cards, fake cards, if a card does not update regularly, we do not sell it, we only sell the cards worth buying.


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